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I am very excited to continue the process of change in Cornwall.  For too long the official offices of the Town of Cornwall has been a revolving door of the same recycled members shifting from one role to another over several decades.  Cornwall is at a critical juncture with our town's identity and prosperity at stake - principally because of past decisions by the same people running in this year's campaign.

Nothing has changed in the last year and I'm determined to win a seat on the Council to be certain the issues and concerns of all residents are addressed and resolved.    I was very active in the DEC's Kiryas Joel water pipeline project public meeting this past April and I continue to monitor progress on the Cornwall Commons project and discussions on the future of the Cornwall Hospital.  The recent Town of Cornwall announcement of an offer to buy NYMA was a pleasant surprise, but we can't really relax until they have engaged in discussions with the Town.  It's the best option NYMA has ... except for any potential cash deal from .... 

There is only so much one can do as an involved resident.  I need a seat at the table to be certain projects receive thorough consideration and all aspects are vetted and communicated to residents and to be sure your insights and feedback are taken seriously.  Voting for me is voting for yourself.

Now is the time for creative and inspired input - not back-room deals and rubber stamps of proposals.  I am a strong believer in participatory government, open communication and inclusiveness.  I will represent your interests and the best interests of Cornwall with responsible and analytical consideration of the merits of proposals brought before the Board.  Additionally, I will provide "out of the box" thinking for solutions to current problems. 

Review my credentials on LinkedIn and visit The Cornwall Alliance site for an in-depth look at issues facing Cornwall and what I and other residents are doing to Move Cornwall ... Forward.


Thursday, September 17, 2015 6:57 AM

Dysfunctional Town Board Must GO (Letter to the Editor)

The Town Council has been so dysfunctional and inattentive to the long-term needs of the community for so long the fixes required are staggering in their volume and in the need for documentation and resolution. The challenges that face Cornwall are considerable - but not impossible with the right individuals in place.

Friday, August 28, 2015 12:00 AM

Small Contingent Discusses Rt 9W Safety

The Cornwall Local covered a event gathering I coordinated, as co-founder of The Cornwall Alliance, on Wednesday, August 26th held at The Storm King School on Mountain Rd.  The issue was safety on Rt. 9W - particularly at the intersections of Mountain Rd. and Continental Rd.  The event was the result of an extensive online discussion on the Facebook group:  "Living in Cornwall."  Although The Cornwall Local does not archive their articles online, a thorough discussion on 9W safety and proposals is presented on The Cornwall Alliance web site []. 

Monday, July 13, 2015 10:06 PM

Cornwall Must Respond to the KJ Pipeline Crisis

Sadly and inexcusably the Town of Cornwall has done absolutely nothing to protect our water resources and our community from the proposed KJ water pipeline taking our water from the Route 32 aquifer in Mountainville and jeopardizing our environment, economic future and the welfare of our residents.

Randazzo, Summerfield and Erwin to the Cornwall Town Board:

July 13, 2015
Cornwall Town Board

Thursday, July 2, 2015 10:04 AM

Candidacy Announcement

If Cornwall keeps electing the same officials, Cornwall will keep getting the same results:  nothing  has been accomplished in the past year on the most important issues facing Cornwall:.  The KJ pipeline, the Cornwall Commons, the direction for NYMA and saving and protecting the Sands Ring Homestead.  Nothing has been done to improve Cornwall. Has Cornwall moved forward?  Are you tired of living with uncertainty?  Have you delayed remodeling your kitchen because you aren’t sure you are staying?  Put in a team on the Town Council that has the capacity to bring solutions to Cornwall’s issues, the temperament to embrace the ideas and initiatives of fellow residents and the will to protect Cornwall.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 10:00 AM

Effective Change is Coming to Cornwall

A number of very significant issues face the Town of Cornwall, issues which have the potential to fundamentally alter this community, built over generations and loved and celebrated by so many.  The inability of the Town Council to face and deal effectively with a range of these issues in the recent past has raised questions for many why that is.  Does the Council not recognize these challenges?  Does it not understand them?  Whatever the reason(s) is or are, decisive action has been sorely lacking on a range of issues, from NYMA to the KJ pipeline to Cornwall Commons to the Sands-Ring homestead.  The public is all too aware of this dysfunction.  We’ve been overtaken by too many events; there is no more time for the Council to waste spinning its wheels on so many issues.


Committee to Elect Michael Summerfield
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